Te lo puedo decir en todos los idiomas....

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Por una visita, una sonrisa.


Eres mi mejor amigo. Y nada lo cambiará.

Sometimes, I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could.
I guess my insecurities acting up. You know, you're the person that made me like I am now. Changed my life, made me the happiest girl of the world because I had the best friend. But now, you say I have changed. Already, I'm not like before. I say you: Sorry. I don't know what is happening into me. Perhaps, I have a storm of personalities. Nobody knows. Perhaps, i'm discovering who i am or perhaps, I'm trying put things in order. I don't know. But, If I'm sure of something it's that the lastest thing that i want, it's hurt you. So, sorry. I'm trying don't make you cry. I'm trying be the same.
P.S.: Thanks for be my heroe.

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